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Automatically route your planar magnetic with our online tool

Do you need a planar magnetic? Tired of routing? Let us take care of that.

Our PCB Wizard guides you by asking for the planar parameters and finally proposes an initial layer distribution

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New wizard to design and auto select number of layers in planar magnetics

No expensive software, no manual routing Online, automatic

Auto Planar is an online tool that automates the tedious work of routing planar magnetics, receiving the constructive instructions for the board and producing ready-to-mafufacture PCBs.

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Planar winding with 42 turns and a Wuerth Redcube connector



Keep all your designs available from anywhere, and process them without installations.



Modify anything you can think of: clearances, connectors, layers, tracks, and magnetic cores.



Go from requirements to gerber files in minutes.

Do you prefer to take all the decisions in your design?

Our PCB Advanced Creator allows you to configure any layer in your planar magnetic.

Screenshot of the planar design editor tool with the tooltip for windings

Have you finished your design? Get it processed in seconds!

Our state-of-the-art algorithm does all the routing work, making sure all constrains are respected.

Time bar with the progress of the planar magnetic and all available options: layers, gerber and project

Download your project and give it your touch. Or directly manufacture it.

We provide the gerber files, in case you want to manufacture your planar, or the Kicad v6 project, in case you want to do any final modification.

PCB layout of a planar inductor automatically designed in KiCAD